Today’s free rated prices: Warrnambool

You can’t win on the punt unless you’re finding value. And the easiest way to find value at the track is with a reliable set of rated prices.

To cover you for all Australian race meetings, we have DataBase Ratings. The ratings are produced by our data scientist, Andrew, who uses an ensemble approach with 25 separate data models to come up with a single, overall prediction for a race. There are over 40 variables at play, related to runner, race and track factors Using machine learning, the data models are retrained daily to ensure they are always up to date.

In short, a hell of a lot goes into them – much more than you can gather from a simple form guide!

There’s two versions of DataBase Ratings available:

  • Free: One selected meeting per day
  • Premium: All Australian race meetings each day.


Today’s free meeting is Warrnambool. See below for the ratings, or sign up for Free DataBase Ratings to get the Excel and PDF files…

DataBase Ratings covers all Australian races, except those where there is a large number of first starters or horses without a reliable base of data.  Without this data, an accurate ratings and set of prices cannot be calculated. That’s the case for races 1 and 2 at Warrnambool today.

Race 3
Race 4
Race 5
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